Terra Cacao®,
the first chocolate
ever to achieve
such purity in taste
Where chocolate makers have always been completely dependent on the quality of cocoa crops on the market, Terra Cacao® is now sparking a true revolution. Cocoa with as good as zero defects and zero off-flavors for natural chocolate with pure intensity.
That is the essence of Terra Cacao®.

Careful selection
and constant tending
make sure we obtain
nature's best cocoa
To grow the exquisite cocoa for Terra Cacao®,
we search for plantations on flavor-enhancing terroirs in equatorial regions where the farmers devotedly nurse their premium cocoa trees.
Then, we let nature take its course.
We handpick only the best fruits at the precise moment when the cocoa beans contain a maximum of flavors and aromas.

Our master craftsmanship
further perfects
what nature gives us
We ferment the cocoa with a revolutionary, 100% natural method that respects and enhances even the most delicate flavors and aromas. Next, we meticulously roast the beans
in their shells
until they release all of their inherent flavors. We then patiently conch the chocolate for hours until the texture, aroma, taste and flavors blend into perfection.

The result is
a revolutionary harmony
of pure tastes
and rich aromas
The synergy of all this know-how and nature's best cocoa beans is reflected in the exquisite taste of Terra Cacao® chocolate. Never before was a chocolate couverture with such a pure taste and richness of aromas produced. Discover the chocolates »