Everybody wins
with Terra Cacao®
Discovering the world of Terra Cacao® can be very rewarding in more than one way. Terra Cacao® is not just the purest and most delicious chocolate you'll ever taste. All Terra Cacao® chocolate is made with cocoa beans that were grown sustainably as part of the Quality Partner Program (QPP).

This program's goal is to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their families by enabling cocoa farmer cooperatives to produce more and better-quality beans.
QPP also works to improve access to education and basic healthcare services. What's more, the program emphasizes the importance of education for children, and has funded the construction of several schools.

For more info please check www.qualitypartnerprogram.com »

Premium quality farms
for cocoa with zero defects
To assist the cooperatives in producing top-grade cocoa, QPP offers training to farmers in Farmer Field Schools. There, they can increase their knowledge about good agricultural practices and learn how to grow healthy, productive cocoa crops with respect for the environment. We distribute the revolutionary Terra Cacao® fermentation starter culture only to loyal QPP farmer members who have followed the QPP training and are known to optimally nurture their soil and crops. That's how they can further perfect the quality of the beans until it achieves the high standard for Terra Cacao®: with close to zero defects or off-flavors, unrivaled freshness and wonderful purity.

Fair prices for
better farmer livelihoods
For these top quality beans, we pay the farmers an extra on top of the already fair price.

Thanks to the higher incomes that cocoa farmers make when producing cocoa for Terra Cacao®, they can better maintain their farms, better organize themselves logistically and better provide for their families. Even more so, they can be proud of their achievements.
So everybody wins: we are sure of agreed-to quantities of top-grade beans, the farmers can improve their livelihoods, and you can enjoy the most intense chocolate moments with Terra Cacao®.