Terra Cacao® the purest
chocolate taste ever created,
explores new grounds

Terra Cacao® has re-defined chocolate taste.
Through the introduction of a revolutionary
100% natural fermentation method, Terra
Cacao® has lifted the purity of cocoa beans to
unprecedented heights. Each bean fully
develops its full flavor potential – near to
zero defect beans. The chocolate we make
from these beans, is of the same pure

Terra Cacao® is now expanding its reach to
new cocoa terroirs throughout the world. We
select cocoa varieties in countries or regions
that have a unique character, such as
Cameroonian or Javanese cocoa.

By training and supporting dedicated farmers
in applying the unique Terra Cacao® tending
philosophy and fermentation methodology, we
have achieved the renowned level of purity in
cocoa beans from Cameroonian and Javanese
origins. Furthermore, each of these varieties
offer a unique taste profile – fingerprint of the
soil, cocoa bean variety, environment and
climate for that region.

The Terra Cacao® methodology furthermore
guarantees a constant quality and taste of the
cultivated cocoa crop – and a constant taste of
the chocolate created with it.

Reaching out to
local cocoa farmers
in different parts
of the world

Terra Cacao® is a unique partnership between
Barry Callebaut and local cocoa farmers. By
exploring new grounds, farmer communities in
different parts of the world benefit from this
partnership. They directly receive the support
and training from Barry Callebaut to grow
Terra Cacao® cocoa beans. The quality crop
yields help them build a better income.
Furthermore, we engage to improving the
access to education for their children and
basic healthcare services.

Terra Cacao® Java and Cameroon are part of
Barry Callebaut's sustainability programs.

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