Fi Europe recognizes

the uniqueness of Terra Cacao®

Our superior chocolate took two awards at the 2011 Fi Europe fair in Paris!
Terra Cacao® won both the 'Confectionery Innovation of the
Year Excellence Award' and the much-coveted 'Most Innovative Food Ingredient Award'.

This is a clear and thrilling message for all stakeholders in the inspirational world of chocolate. Choosing Terra cacao is:
  1. - enjoying the purest chocolate you'll ever taste,
  2. - giving a positive signal to well-trained and united farmers who receive fair
    prices for growing and cultivating top-grade cocoa beans,
  3. - becoming part of a sustainable and better way of doing business.

So you see, everybody wins with Terra Cacao®.

Barry Callebaut will keep on searching for ways:
  1. - to improve farmer livelihoods.
  2. - to improve cocoa cultivation, fermentation methods
  3. - to improve cocoa quality.

In short, to improve the noble art of making chocolate for you, day after day!
Newsflash Terra Cacao®